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Grandma’s Room


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اتاق مادر بزرگ

[ گِرَند ماز روم ]

بدليل شيطنت هاي زياد و در گيري هايي كه با برادرانم پيدا ميكردم.  به علاوه با زيهاي پسرانه من مانند بالا رفتن ار درخت و دو چرخه سواری  اکثراً غیرقابل قبول و مو رد اعتراض بود. از اين رو مادرم مرا نزد مادر بزرگم  می  فرستاد. آنجا امكان شيطنت نداشته باشم و مادر بزرگ را همراهي كنم و شاهد رفتار و روش زندگي او باشم.

مادر بزرگم بدليل جدايي از شوهرش زندگي مستقلّی داشت.   او زني بسيار فعّال بود. همچنين در كارهاي هنري تبحّر داشت و در كمك به مستمندان به گونه هاي مختلف فعاليّت  می کرد.

Grandma’s Room

[Otag-eh Mowdar Bozorg]

I was a tomboy and often had fights and disagreements with my brothers. Also my male-oriented activities such as tree climbing and bicycle riding were strange and unacceptable to many. To avoid embarrassment, my mother exiled me to my grandmother’s house. There I had no opportunity to play, but I was a keen observer of my grandma’s social relationships.

She was divorced from my grandpa so she had freedom and independence in her life. There were no signs of obedience or conflicts. She was the most active woman I can remember, involved in crafts, the arts, and all kinds of charity.

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