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Children’s Room


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اتاق سنَّتی بچه ها

[  تِرَدیشِنال چیلدِرِنز روم ]

براي كودكان هيچ كجا آرامتر- گرمتر و لذت بخشتر از آغوش مادر نيست. آرميدن  تنگاتنگ مادرم براي من مثل بهشت بود واین بهشت وقتي جهنّم شد كه بعلّت بزرگتر شدن مجبور به خوابيدن دورتر از او شدم.

اگرچه به مدرسه علاقه نداشتم ولي مجبور به انجام تكاليف سنگين آن در منزل بودم. اين تكاليف كه شامل حل رياضي و خواندن و نوشتن بود تا پاسي از شب كه مادر و خواهر و برادرانم بخواب رفته بودند نيز ادامه مي یافت.

Traditional Children’s room

[ Otag-he Sonnatieh Bache-ha ]

For a baby, nothing could be softer, warmer, and nicer than her mother’s chest. It was a heaven when I could sleep beside my mother and put my hand on her breast. The heaven became a hell when I had to become independent and leave my mothers’ bed for my younger siblings.

Eventually, I even had to do homework. Though I didn’t like school, I tried hard to do the heavy workload I brought home. Hours of math work, reading, and writing went by while my mother and my younger sisters and brothers were asleep.